Children’s Program

A time to play and learn

Every Monday and Thursday afternoon Give a Heart To Africa runs a small after school program.  The program is open to neighbourhood children as well as the children of our students. We run the program from our Adult Education Centre classrooms.  The children of Tanzania will warm your heart.  Despite poverty, hardship, and hunger, children smile, laugh, and play.  They love interacting with our volunteers; the time is very special for both groups.

Currently the youngest child in the program is 2 years old and the oldest is 8. The number of children varies from 10 to 30.  Volunteers have flexibility in how they structure their time with the children, but the goal of the Children’ Program is to be both educational and fun.  Volunteers teach the children some basic English words, simple reading, and how to count.

But the program also offers a chance for play.  Children in Tanzania begin doing household chores and helping their parents with work at a very young age.  It is a joy for them to have a place where they can simply be kids.  Volunteers organize and play games, sing songs, dance, draw, colour…and whatever else seems fun!  Children also crave physical contact so there are plenty of hugs and cuddles given out.

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