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Help to make a woman’s dream a reality

Give a Heart To Africa offers hands on business and vocational skills to its students who then upon graduation strive to start their own businesses.  As the average age of our student is 32 with only primary education, it is difficult for them to obtain employment thus entrepreneurship is often the only solution to improving their livelihood.  We encourage our students to start small businesses as a group but we also welcome those who want to start or improve an individual small business.

Below are some of the students/businesses who are hoping to be sponsored.  Thank you kindly for your consideration.

Hair Salon

mod2_IMG_3753A group of  recent graduates wish to start a hair salon (more information coming soon)

Store rent: 2,400,000 Tsh = $1,350

Equipment: 3,162,000 Tsh = $1,760




Sponsor Hair Salon


Supplies store

4 former graduates wish to start a arts & crafts supplies store (more information coming soon)

Store rent:

Sponsor Restaurant

Arts & Crafts supply store

3 recent graduates wish to start an arts & crafts supply store (more information coming soon)

Store rent:

Sponsor Arts & Crafts supply store

Magdalena’s porridge business

Magdalena is a recent graduates who works extremely hard to support her family.  She gets up at 4am to sell milk which pays for all of her utility bills.  Then she makes porridge which she sells to local stores.  This can be a very profitable business but she needs more capital to increase her business production.  (more information coming soon)

Sponsor Magdalena




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