Our Mission and Mandate

What is the GHTA Mission?

  • To empower the women of Tanzania by offering valuable FREE English, business, and vocational skills training
  • To equip women with the skills to gain more lucrative employment which in turn allows them to better support their families
  • To help select women become entrepreneurs, who start their businesses in our Women’s Co-operative
  • To be a grassroots, hands-on organization that has a tangible impact on people’s lives
  • To help the future generations of Tanzanian women by giving their female children higher expectations of what they can achieve in life

What is the GHTA Mandate?

  • To educate the women of Tanzania by teaching classes in English, business, and vocational skills
  • To operate efficiently and effectively so that more Tanzanian women can benefit from the program. We believe so strongly in the cause that the only paid staff we have is our Tanzanian school staff and our Moshi General Manager.  All of our school staff are former GHTA students.   This makes us one of the ONLY non-profit organizations that is run mainly by volunteers, enabling 100% of all donations to go directly to our programs, students and volunteer’s accommodation.
  • To support graduates of the program that intend on becoming entrepreneurs by giving them the capital and professional guidance to start viable businesses
  • To facilitate the success of the graduates’ businesses by offering them a space in our retail co-operative to get their business started
  • To attract more volunteers so that more people around that world can experience the wonder, excitement, and joy of Tanzania and its people
  • To encourage donations so that more women can benefit from the program

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