Where Does Your Money Go?

100% of your money goes directly to GHTA’s programs, women’s businesses and students

Give A Heart To Africa is one of the very few non-profit organizations that is run 100% by volunteers, enabling 100% of all donations to go directly to our programs, women’s businesses and students, as well as volunteers’ accommodation.  We believe so strongly in the cause that the only paid staff we have is our local Tanzanian school staff.  All of our school staff are former GHTA graduates.

GHTA is a small organization and we are grateful for every dollar we receive.  We work hard to run our programs in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The most recent breakdown of where your money goes is below.

We believe in being absolutely transparent about how your hard-earned money is spent.  If you have any questions about GHTA’s budget, please email Monika Fox at monika@giveahearttoafrica.org.

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