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July 2015

Women’s arts & crafts co-operative has gained in popularity among G Adventures travelers.  The Moshi Mamas visit their clients several times a week after they descend from Mt. Kilimanjaro, they inform them about their business venture, discuss life in Tanzania and sell their hand made products.

Lala Salama Spa moved to a beautiful new location inside the YWCA plaza.  They now offer manicure, pedicure, massage, body scrub and facial.

September 2014

Give a Heart To Africa seized funding their original retail co-operative and passed on its ownership to  GHTA graduates Ester and Fatuma.

May 2014

Give a Heart To Africa formed invaluable partnership with Toronto based tour company, G Adventures and their charitable arm Planeterra.  With their continued support, GHTA was able to open women’s arts & crafts co-operative called Moshi Mamas, where former graduates have the opportunity to practice their vocational and business skills acquired at school and gain a much need source of income.  Planeterra has also offered to fund Lala Salama Spa managed by a former GHTA graduate Lisa who trains and employs other GHTA students.

April 2014

3 bright recent graduates, Sophia, Upendo and Jesca received an amazing opportunity to further their studies and were accepted into Tumaini University’s Accounting program.  They are being generously sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. John and Jenny Fewtrell and Mrs. Janet Bailey

February 2014

4 former GHTA graduates, started a small food kiosk inside Uhuru Park.  They make variety of local foods as well as a couple of Western style dishes.  This venture was generously sponsored by Mr. Bruce Hechler and his friends.

March 2013

28 women, including 2 of GHTA students (Magdalena and Christina) summited Kilimanjaro on International Women’s Day.  This climb was organized by WHOA (Women High On Adventure) and their climbers raised funds in support of our NGO.

July 2013

6 women from New Orleans formed a group called Project Elevation, climbed Kilimanjaro in support of Give a Heart To Africa and raised $5,000 for our NGO.  You can learn more about their efforts on their website  They all made it to the highest peek in Africa and we are very grateful for their efforts.

February 2013

Five incredible, caring and enthusiastic women from New York City, members of WHOA (Women High On Adventure) group, climbed Kilimanjaro and raised $5,000 in support of our organization.  We hope they enjoyed spending time with our students and visiting our women’s co-operative as we are all very grateful for them believing in us and their support.  Thank you ladies.

November 2012

A big thank you to everyone that attended our Charity Event fundraiser.  Due to your generosity, we at GHTA raised $3,364 that night! Because of your kindness, we will be able to help two of our recent graduates, Jonais, to start a small supermarket; and Rehema a chicken business. We will also allocate a portion of the amount raised toward our school’s rent. Thank you so much.



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