Why Do We Need Volunteers?

Without you, there would be no GHTA

Give A Heart To Africa is one of the ONLY non-profit organizations that is run 100% by volunteers.  We work hard to keep its costs and its fees as low as possible.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization for 2 key reasons.  First of all, we need volunteers to teach the classes.  There’s nothing worse than a well-meaning volunteer leaving the project without anyone to take up their good work.  If we don’t have volunteers, we have no choice but to close the Adult Education Centre until more volunteers arrive.  With a consistent supply of volunteers, we can ensure education for disadvantaged women in Tanzania moves ahead without interruption.

The second reason is that GHTA’s budget is comprised solely of volunteer fees and donations.  For some people, it may seem strange that you have to pay money when you are already donating your time.  Since we are a small organization, volunteer fees account for the majority of  our working budget. Our budget has to cover the operation of the Adult Education Centre, purchase of our students’ supplies, running the Women’s Co-operative, running the Children’s Program, providing accommodation and food to volunteers, recruiting volunteers, and more.  It is important for you to know that 100% of  your volunteer fee (and every donation we receive) goes to running the school and co-operative and to enable the students to start small businesses.  GHTA is unique in this regard.  We do not have overhead or administrative costs since we are 100% volunteer-run.  Your money works harder at GHTA than it would at the vast majority of other charities.

Please learn more about how your volunteer fee is spent by reading the Where Does Your Money Go page.

Volunteering with GHTA is a rich, rewarding, life-changing experience.  You can read more from former volunteers by visiting the Volunteer Testimonials page.

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