Volunteer Testimonials

A diverse group of people have volunteered with GHTA

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Janet – USA

So far I have volunteered in Tanzania at Give a Heart to Africa twice and am currently planning my third trip. It is a wonderful organization in a beautiful country with the most welcoming people. Unlike many organizations it is 100% volunteer run. You can see the impact GHTA is having on the present and former students on a daily basis. I highly recommend GHTA to anyone looking for a quality international volunteering experience.

Eva – Germany

I volunteered at GHTA for a month in March 2014 and I wish I could get on a plane and fly back immediately. Although it feels like I was only there for a few days because time just seemed to fly, I have memories that I can talk about for weeks. Teaching and empowering the women in the program has a huge impact on their lives and I feel proud that I had the opportunity to be a part of it. I can recommend this program to anyone who is looking for volunteer work. You will be warmly welcomed and feel like part of the “GHTA family” from the very beginning.

Yelena – Ukraine/USA

I love Give a Heart to Africa! You certainly have my heart. 2 months is nearly not enough. Great work, great friendships with students, other volunteers and people working here. This organization is fun, honest, transparent, does great work for community and makes you feel part of it from day one.

Molly – USA

Give a Heart to Africa is such a well run program. It is so refreshing to see women so eager to learn every day that I arrive. I have been teaching the women for about 3 months now and I have become so attached. We are so similar and so different from one another and we are all learning from each other. The women are not only building a foundation for them to be financially independent but are also building a network of trusted friends.

Alison – Canada

The people in the class are SO nice, and they are so happy to see me each day. We have classes Monday to Thursday and I found that on Friday, when we didn’t have class, I missed the students! I’m teaching English and it’s so interesting to think about and learn the best way to teach your native language to others – especially in a way that is relevant to them and their lives. ……I researched over 50 options for volunteering and I’m so glad that I chose GHTA. I really believe my presence here is making a difference in people’s lives. I already know that a month here won’t be enough!

Marianne – England

Unlike other volunteer programmes, when you work with Monika, you are able to contribute from day one, and never feel that you are living in a ‘protected western oasis’. You are immersed in the Tanzanian culture and way of life, and your experience is the richer for that. I love the satisfaction of teaching the students, and watching as the light bulbs go on around the classroom, as what I am teaching them clicks, and they fully understand. Their beaming smiles and the appreciation they clearly feel for what I am doing, will always stay with me as treasured memories.

Stephanie – Canada

This week’s student home visit was exceptionally unique. Siyanga is 21 and one of our brightest students at Give a Heart to Africa. He is also a Massai. He lives in town with some friends so that he can attend school, but his family still lives in their traditional Massai home. Our day was filled with lots of Massai singing and dancing and Herman, Monika, Celine and I couldn’t help but join in. We had a great time. Siyanga’s family speaks Massai so communication was a bit difficult at times. But it was incredible how music was able to connect us all together even though words and language were unable to. I am privileged to have been given an intimate look at Siyanga’s family. I have seen how much they struggle to make ends meet and also how much they sacrifice in order to provide a better life for their son.

Celine – Germany/France

My plan was to stay 4 weeks in Moshi….. But in the end I stayed almost for 3 months. What can I say? I really fell in love with the students, the school, Moshi, just everything!! 2 years ago, I worked for a organization in South Africa. The money I invested in that organization helped finance the swimming pool, cars etc of the director instead of reaching the people who need it. After this experience, I was really skeptical towards help organizations. Give a Heart to Africa showed me that there are still good organizations out there. All the money is invested in the students. My students have found a special place in my heart. I will never forget them and hope to see them again real soon

Katy – Scotland

Although the first day of teaching English was extremely scary the students couldn’t have been nicer to me! Despite the fact I was nervous and perhaps not making as much sense as I’d have liked to during the first few lessons the pupils remained enthusiastic and keen to learn. By the end of the week I was thoroughly enjoying going to school every morning which was a new experience in itself! I truly believe this is a worthwhile project and the fact that all the funds go directly to the organisation sets it aside from many other NGO’s.

Ave – Malta/Canada

All my life I’ve wanted to go to Africa and volunteer in some capacity. It was fate when one day I saw the posting for volunteer services needed in Tanzania with “Give a Heart to Africa”. I gave my Heart to Africa and it gave me a great deal in return. I am returning to my world a humbler individual cognizant of what I have around me and aware of how grateful one should be that one has had the privilege of being born in a different continent.

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