Our Current Class

School is in session!

Give A Heart To Africa’s adult education centre is currently teaching its 8th group of students.  There are 48 students in the class.  You can meet some of them here!


DSCF2681Heavenlight is a very bright student.  She usually brings her one year old son, Habibu, to school with her and despite his frequent interruptions, she manages to focus and get all her work done.





ModestaModesta is one of our more mature students and despite the fact that she has only Elementary School education and has not sat in a classroom in almost 40 years, she tries very hard, she always puts her hand up and she is eager to learn.  It is a joy to have women like her in our school.



DSCF2702Lucy is one of our students that unfortunately struggle a bit more at school.  But given that she is a single mom of three who struggles to pay rent and buy food for her family, we admire that she has the strength to come to our school every day and plan for a better future.




AgnesAgnes is just lovely.  She is calm, curious and bright.  She is not afraid to put her hand up and solve problems on the blackboard in front of her peers.  We have no doubt that she will do well in our school and in her future business ventures.






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