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Empowering Women Through Education

After more than 15 years, we still remain a grassroots, hands-on, volunteer run and supported organization with a core focus of empowering women by providing free education in business, vocations, math, and English. 


We are small and that’s a good thing!

What makes Give a Heart to Africa different?

  • 100% of the money donated goes to programs and students

  • Real experience and impact – you work directly with Tanzanian women and can tangibly see people’s lives change while you’re here

  • Intimate experience – you work with a small team of school staff and other volunteers

  • Personal touch – you live with a small number of other volunteers, allowing you to get to know each other well.

  • Your contribution through teaching and living at GHTA helps fund the free education we provide to students. 

We believe so strongly in the power of education that the only paid staff we have is our Tanzanian school staff (all former students). 

GHTA is a unique school which helps women to reach their goals by educating them  and giving them a chance to learn something new everyday. Through knowledge we can be independent and unstoppable.

Anna (student)

Our Mission

To empower Tanzanian women through education and entrepreneurship.​

Our Vision

Our vision continues to be founded on our core belief that education is the key to making a tangible and long-lasting impact on the lives of women and their families.

At Give a Heart to Africa;

  • Women can further develop their skills which can lead to a more secure, stable income

  • Women entrepreneurs can access mentoring from our volunteers and past graduates in the areas of business planning, start-up and operation

  • Women can continue to receive support through the mentoring, networking and additional educational sessions

  • Women can learn about topics from local experts which directly impact them (first aid and healthy living)

  • Women make connections and build a network of support

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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