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For more information contact:

Monika Fox - Executive Director

Email: monika@giveaheartttoafrica.org


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How Can You Help?

Give A Heart To Africa is 100% operated and funded by volunteers. 

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization and make it possible for us to continue the work of empowering Tanzanian women through education in business, English, math, and vocational skills.


Without volunteers, there would be no GHTA. 

Volunteer in Moshi, Tanzania

Volunteers teach English, business, math, or vocational skills in our classrooms alongside our Tanzanian translators. You don't need to be a teacher, or have experience in business, math or vocations as our curriculum is easy to follow and our Tanzanian translators are very helpful! 

By volunteering to teach you give our students and staff the opportunity to increase their exposure to the English language. Our students gain confidence as they try to speak English with volunteers, and equally love helping volunteers learn Swahili. You can see the impact you, and those volunteers who came before you have on our students. 

Volunteers also bring a vast range of experiences and knowledge which they share with our students which exposes our students to new vocational and business ideas. Read our reviews or learn more about the volunteer experience.

Volunteer Fees

GHTA’s budget is comprised primarily of volunteer fees. The financial support provided by our volunteers allows us to provide free education to Tanzanian women, and employ GHTA graduates in the operation of the school. Your donation goes directly to helping our students. 

We do not have overhead or administrative costs since we are 100% volunteer-run (including the Canadian Board of Directors). 

The weekly fee that you pay during your stay here also provides you with airport pick up, accommodations and dinner Sunday-Friday.

The weekly fee is $300 USD per week for the first 4 weeks. Additional weeks are $150 USD per week. Returning volunteers pay $150 USD per week.

Your donation works hard at GHTA! Learn more about making a donation or climbing Kilimanjaro for GHTA. 

Make a Donation 

How Your Financial Support​ Helps

Your financial support allows us to provide free education to Tanzanian women, assist with childcare during school hours, employ GHTA graduates in the operation of the school, support the businesses operated by GHTA graduates, and provide opportunities for graduates to receive assistance with starting a new business or attending post secondary. 

GHTA’s budget is comprised solely of volunteer fees and donations. 100% of the our donations go directly to our school and students. We do not have overhead or administrative costs since we are 100% volunteer-run (including the Canadian Board of Directors). 

Your donation works hard at GHTA! Learn more about volunteering or the volunteer experience


A fulfilling experience you will never regret or forget

May 15, 2019

I spent 4 weeks at GHTA in 2011 and I always remember the words of Monika, the founder, as she personally dropped me back at Killi airport and saw how sad I was leaving. She said kindly, “you’ll be back”. Well she was right. I’m writing this in 2019 from the GHTA school itself. Probably the biggest reason why I returned is the integrity and impact of this NGO. I saw first hand how volunteer skills are maximised and our fees directly fund the running of the GHTA school, empowering women’s though education and the support and security of every volunteer. 


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